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These light hearted, and so called ‘Brutal Truth’ videos help explain some of the different areas of the wine trade that wineries and distributors face on a regular basis. The brutal truth aspect basically allows each character to tell it like they see it, which in turn opens up to the viewer their motivations and reasons for doing and saying certain things. All characters in the videos are fictional and have been created simply to make a point. Enjoy.


Retailer Visit with Winery Sales Manager

Its important that winemakers and winery sales managers do get out into the trade in order to get an understanding of the needs of both customers and consumers. At the same time they must remember that they are visiting a rep’s customer base which he/she has taken time cultivating – relationships and trust are vital to sales. This brutal truth video demonstrates how an over keen sales manager can waste a customer’s time and make life difficult for the rep.

Visiting a demanding Restauranteur

The on premise trade is in many ways a great deal tougher for reps on a day to day basis than off premise, particularly for reps who have more boutique portfolios. A restauranteur won’t update their list more than a couple of times a year which means a lot of visits can take place without any new business being generated. On top of which, the number of companies looking to get on the wine list can be enormous, meaning competition can be very harsh.

This ‘brutal truth’ video shows how difficult to deal with an on premise customer can potentially be.

Winery Seeking Distribution

The many requests The Wine Rep receives from both wineries and distributors regarding distribution has been the motivation behind this video. Wineries often complain that when meeting with a distributor they aren’t given a fair go, while distributors email about the number of ill prepared producers they still have knocking at their door.

In this tell it like it is video a small producer is visiting The Wine Rep, both telling it like they see it. You’ll be able to see both sides of the story and hopefully understand why neither feels happy with the way the meeting progresses.