24 09, 2010

If you can’t beat them – copy them


The ongoing 'them and us' outlook of independent retail when referring to the chains is understandable and realistic given the business goals, financial backing and supplier clout differences between the two off premise routes to market. The chains have brought fresh ideas (many borrowed from grocery) into liquor retailing, whether that be marketing campaigns, adverts [...]

6 09, 2010

Find me a distributor!


Help me find a distributor! A common theme for emails to this site. Unfortunately, wineries seeking distribution today face more hurdles than in any previous time in recent memory. Distribution companies are bombarded almost daily by wineries hoping to secure a distribution channel, meaning few succeed in their quest. It is a numbers game, distributors [...]

26 05, 2010



In the old world of wine, regionality is everything - it is the style of the wine, the varieties used, the outlook of the producers, the crucible holding centuries of tradition together. Customers roughly know what they are paying for when they put their hand in their wallet for a Chianti, Burgundy or Rioja - [...]

1 05, 2010

Packaging Pains


An esteemed member of the trade recently put forward a good reason that many wineries struggle to make a mark in the retail sector, namely unsuitable, unseemly or just downright poor packaging. A wine’s front label along with bottle shape and colour is it’s calling card, its brand communication, as well as quality and value [...]