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The saleability of a wine is an overall measure of how attractive the wine is to it’s market; it is based on how many of the market’s needs the wine satisfies, the specific attributes of the market (eg size, competition) and the strength of the brand.

The Saleability Calculator provides an idea of the overall saleability of a wine based on the factors that most affect a wine’s saleability. It is extremely easy and quick to rate a wine, simple to communicate the results to others and provides detailed feedback on the make up of the wine’s rating.

There are two ways to do the Saleability Calculator: Either use the ‘Simple Saleability Calculator’ yourself or in discussion with a team, or do the ‘Full Saleability Calculator’ which includes a taste test and requires each team member to fill out a questionnaire. Both will come up with similar results, though the later is far more accurate and provides detailed feedback.

Distributor Uses:

  • rate a new wine or potential new wine / winery to the portfolio
  • look at all wines in a consistent and through fashion, understanding the inherent saleability of a wine before external factors come to play (such as portfolio clashes, winery politics, strong personalities).
  • analyse the longer term trend of a wine’s saleability by comparing the saleability rating each time a new vintage is released.
  • provide detailed and usable feedback to the winery
  • add saleability factors when discussing sales budgets with wineries

Winery Uses:

  • understand a wine’s potential from a trade point of view
  • discover factors which limit a wine’s saleability in order to remedy them
  • compare the saleability of a wine in different geographical markets to determine the most suited markets for each wine
  • compare each distributors’ ratings to their sales (taking into account market size). A divergence between a saleability rating and sales can indicate issues with a distributor’s performance.

There are 3 files you can download. The User Guide, the Simple Saleability Calculator (for a single user or as a team discussion) and the Full Saleability Calculator (for teams to fill out):

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[download id=”1″]

[download id=”4″]

Example of a Saleability Report automatically produced by the Saleability Calculator:

Saleability Report