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The Complete Pricing Spreadsheet provides just what it says it does – all the pricing information about a wine that a winery could ever need. After all, a wine can have dozens of prices in the marketplace, depending on outlet, discounting, key sales price points, competitor activity and a rep’s sales skills. Add to this a distributor’s margin considerations, the production cost of the wine and any winery funded deals and discounts that might be applicable.

The Complete Pricing Spreadsheet calculates pricing from the point of view of the winery, the distributor and the retailer/restaurateur, all based on the margins they make. It provides all the information necessary to completely analyse and set wine pricing, without the need for any spreadsheet skills.

As well as giving a full insight into trade pricing, it is an extremely useful when presenting to distributors because it enables you to speak the wine trade lingo. Demonstrate the on and off premise price points the wine can hit when at full price, and then after a deal.

Eg, “after deal A, retailers can make their 30% gross profit at $15.99 or a restaurant could make a margin of 180% selling at $30 (and 230% when charging $8.50 a glass). On top of that you, the distributor, can still make 24% gross profit when co funding deal A.”

The Spreadsheet comes with 4 main pages, all ready to print. All that you need to do is type in wine details and pricing.

  1. The Pricing Guide – calculates every conceivable price for a wine, on and off premise.
  2. Winery GP – calculates a winery’s gross profit when selling direct to customers, via cellar door and through a distributor. Useful for analysing a distributor’s margin.
  3. Distributor GP – calculates a distributor’s gross profit based on the margin you choose and the effect of different deals and discounts.
  4. Quick Calc – a simple and easy to use sell price calculator which you can completely customise.

Use it to:

  • determine the best wholesale price for a wine
  • understand what an on or off premise venue will or should charge for that wine
  • come up with suitable deals to target specific price points
  • determine a winery’s gross profit margin when selling to a distributor
  • work out a distributor’s gross profit margin after deals and discounts
  • gain an insight into how selling your wine at different discount levels effects distributor margin
  • understand how supporting a distributor with deals effects winery gross profit
  • present to a distributor the price points a wine can hit
Example of the Wine Pricing Guide, including all possible sell prices for a wine (at full price and after discounts) at on and off premise margins:
Full Spreadsheet 1
Example of the Winery Gross Profit Spreadsheet which displays different GP returns when selling direct, through a distributor, and when supporting a distributor with extra deals:
Full Spreadsheet 2
Example of the Distributor Gross Profit Analysis, displaying the GP returns a distributor can make from your wines at different discount levels and after different levels of direct support:
Full Spreadsheet 3
Note: This is designed for the Australian domestic wine market
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