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Marketing material is an vital component of a winery’s offer to market; it is used to support sales and drive brand building. It is generally designed by graphic designers who, whilst making it look good, fail to understand what’s required for the material to be effective in the marketplace.

Each month, distributors around the country receive marketing material from wineries keen to boost sales – whether it be tasting notes, table tents, header cards or beautiful landscape posters of a sunrise over a vineyard, the distributor will have it all. Unfortunately very little of what they receive is suitable for use – simply wonder into a distributor’s point of sale room and you’ll discover boxes upon boxes of gear, hundreds of dollars worth left sitting to rot.

This guide will enable a winery to create marketing material which will actually be used by the trade, not left to pile up in point of sale rooms. Create practical marketing material that enhances product attributes and builds brand by clearly communicating the appropriate message.

The guide includes:

  • which key pieces of marketing material every winery should produce.
  • detailed guidance on which details to include in each different piece of marketing material.
  • reasons why some facts need to be included while others do not.
  • how to save on printing costs while still getting the job done.

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