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  • Discover what a wine rep really does, how to become one and what characteristics separate the high flyers from the rest.
  • Marketing material is an vital component of a winery’s offer to market; it is used to support sales and drive brand building. Get the best return from your investment and create marketing material that really helps drive sales and build your brand. Great marketing material will help sell more wine.
  • This spreadsheet shows the effect that everyday deals and discounts have on the wholesale cost and landed unit cost of a bottle of wine. It arms the salesperson with an invaluable reference for creating deals and calculating the value they offer the customer. Best printed out and kept within reach – often used in conjunction with the Sell Price Guide.
  • The Full Pricing Spreadsheet provides wineries with a complete understanding of their wine pricing - in particular of where wines will be priced when sold down different market channels and at different discount structures. A simple yet powerful tool to gain clarity when looking at pricing strategy, market positioning and promotional activity. Understand pricing, sell more wine.
  • In a market where there are more wineries seeking distribution than there are distributors seeking wineries to represent, those wineries that are properly prepared and understand what a distributor expects will have a distinct advantage. As one distributor put it, ‘I wish all wineries would read your distribution guide before contacting me for a meeting. 9 times out of 10 I spend a hour explaining how it all works and send them away with a confused look on their face.’ Secure a distributor, build your brand, sell more wine. This guide will help.
  • A handy 1 page reference to quickly work out the sell price of a wine - using the unit cost and the required gross profit or mark up. What should a retailer sell your $15.10 a bottle Cabernet at if they want to make 45% GP? How about the same wine at a restaurant that demands a 220% mark up? One glance at this and you'll know - $30.20 and $53.58. Designed for wine reps with broad portfolios, applicable to the Australian wine market only.
  • Finding the right distributor for your brand is key to long term success in the market - but are you ready to make approach your approach? Use this checklist to give you and your brand the best chance of success. Secure a distributor, build your brand, sell more wine. This checklist will help.
  • Getting a wine into people’s mouths requires more than just providing venues that sell it. A winery can support sales by getting involved in the promotion of the brand and wines through various types of trade activity - this guide assists in maximising the return on this investment.  
  • Once the bottle of wine leaves the winery it goes on one hell of a journey until it is finally drunk by some lucky consumer. At each turn of its journey it increases in price as middlemen add their margin, and can get to its final destination via a number of different routes. This guide provides clarity to these market channels and assists in navigation through the wine trade.