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Globalisation Hits Home

So there’s a wine glut– too much Aussie plonk and not enough thirsty mouths around the world willing to gulp it down. What makes this problem worse is there’s too much foreign plonk going around too.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a lady wonder into an independent bottleshop last week, pick up a six pack of white wine, put a $10 note onto the counter and walk off. A-gasp that we’ve entered a world of wine at $1.66 a bottle I strolled over to the case stack  in question and on seeing the packaging my jaw dropped – Product of South Africa.

The shining light of capitalism lets no one hide in the shadows, even our domestic wine trade. Introducing Cheetah Wines, $2 a bottle or 6 for $10. Apparently it didn’t taste too bad – good value for money the manger assured me, – for God’s sake, it’s hard enough to find bottled water at that price, but fully imported table wine… Interestingly enough, the cheapest Aussie wine was $3.99 a bottle, double the price.

Times, they are a changing. Its time to get used to seeing in store specials of cheap imported wine; Dan Murphy and 1st Choice already do it and the independents aren’t far behind. If there’s a buck in it then there’ll be someone selling it and if it’s cheap, there’ll be people buying it. But does anyone make any real money selling wine at $2 a bottle?


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