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Trade activity is part marketing, part sales. Yet for some reason the majority of smaller wineries just go through the motions – getting involved in some form of trade activity because their competitors are and they know they need to, but not getting a real return for their efforts. Its one thing to hold a tasting or do a wine dinner, its another thing to milk that activity for every drop of return possible.

The Trade Activity Guide provides the methods and activities which bring in a real return on investment, making each dollar spent and hour worked go that much further. After all, if you’re going to do something, do it properly. The Wine Rep and his colleagues share their tips and tricks on how to successfully plan, implement and review trade activity.

This guide details how to:

  • Organise wine dinners that build brand equity and properly showcase the quality of your wines.
  • Get involved in wine festivals, ensuring you get value and that you stand out from the crowd.
  • Advertise in the retail trade while getting value for money and without diluting brand equity.
  • Get the most from visits to the trade and distributors, build strong relationships to drive sales and gain valuable market information.
  • Offer realistic deals and promotions that will be taken up by the trade and then pulled through by consumers.
  • Use incentives to generate product trial, build sales and expand ranging.

Note: This guide is designed for the Australian domestic wine market


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