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July 2011

Time for an Annual Review

The new financial year is a great time for sales people to stop and relook at their sales territory. By now the figures for the last 12 months should be in, making it a great time for wine reps to go through their own customer list and do an honest appraisal of where things currently [...]

October 2010

Initiate change or be changed

Some discussions on the weekend have backed up the notion that we in the wine trade and wine industry are not moving with the times. For hundreds of years the wine sales chain was fairly standard: producer to middleman to licensee to consumer; simple and effective. Our booming export trade of the 1990s funded a [...]

September 2010

If you can’t beat them – copy them

The ongoing 'them and us' outlook of independent retail when referring to the chains is understandable and realistic given the business goals, financial backing and supplier clout differences between the two off premise routes to market. The chains have brought fresh ideas (many borrowed from grocery) into liquor retailing, whether that be marketing campaigns, adverts [...]

May 2010

Discounts – An Alternative Option

It's probably about time that we face up to the fact that the discounting and buy deals of the last half of the decade have now become the expected norm - the trade does not expect to pay list price, that's just a starting point for negotiations. Given the reduced return distributors and wineries are [...]

Changing Tastes, Shrinking Waists

Lets leave the world of wine briefly and have a look at the beer trade. The 1990s seemed to be all about branding, getting the big brands front of mind by advertising and association with sports. Some time just after 2000 the marketing departments of the big brewers discovered China could provide them with ultra [...]

The Post Economic Downturn Landscape

After any downturn we are rewarded for our patience with the recovery, who’s arrival is heralded as the solution to most of our sales problems. The catch cry of many winery’s seems to be, ‘We’ve weathered the storm, once things are back to normal we should be ok.’ Logic states after all, that as consumer [...]